We connect with all human beings that share “our alphabet of virtues.” Surely all of you.

Our core values ​​:

Ahimsa (non-violence) : The first principle is to avoid violence toward himself , with other human beings and the environment. It is intended that individuals recognize the impact of their actions and decisions been taken consciously and unselfish way.

Be in the present time: we pretend that individuals live conscious of the present moment avoiding attached to the past or idealizing the future. When people live in this way (in the now), its effectiveness increases and improve their sense of well being. Living in mindfulness way is possible to avoid the automatic life.

Can Personal Growth and Self Development Change Your Life ?: The modern society invites us to acquire new knowledge, more things, live in base what others think about us, giving much importance to power, beauty and the information in the curriculum vitae (CV).

However, we have forgotten the development within the human being. We have forgotten the Greek aphorism ” know yourself ” and that is the path to true learning as spiritual beings living a human experience.

Good thoughts … good food … good relationships.