Tai Chi – the Martial Art for Meditation as well as Medication


Tai chi is a martial art originated in China and it is considered as a meditation as well as medication performed in motion. As a mind-body practice the benefits of Tai chi include prevention as well as cure of various types of ailments. Those who have the best of health as well as those who have poor health can start practicing Tai chi. In various aspects, Tai chi is quite different from other forms of martial arts. Tai chi is in fact a physical exercise in slow motion. Tai chi makes the practitioner to take deep and natural breath thereby enabling him to focus attention. In this aspect, Tai chi serves as a method of meditation.

Normally, the Tai chi movements are circular and are not forced. Being a gentle type of exercise, Tai chi enables the muscles to relax. There is no bending of the joints or stretching of the connective tissues. Any one can learn Tai chi very easily and it is an ideal type of physical exercise not only for those who are physically fit but also for the age old, those who are in the post-surgery period and those who move on wheel chairs.

Strengthening the muscles

Both men and women who practice Tai chi improve their lower body strength as well as upper body strength. The benefits of Tai chi include strengthening of both the lower and upper extremities and also core muscles of the abdomen as well as the back. Those who practice Tai chi is able to improve balance with very few numbers of falls. Those who perform Tai chi regularly can easily improve their muscle strength as well as flexibility. Those who get trained in Tai chi are able to come out of the fear of a fall. The practitioners of Tai chi are able to get aerobic benefits also.

As a treatment for various ailments

The patients with various medical conditions practice Tai chi along with their other treatments. Practicing Tai chi is proving very effective in the treatment of arthritis. The patients who suffer from knee osteoarthritis are able to get relief from their pain and improve their physical activities after practicing Tai chi twice a week for 10 – 12 weeks. Patients of the most painful and inflammatory form of arthritis known as ankylosing spondylitis that affects the spine are able to get relief from the pain and attain more flexibility after practicing Tai chi for 8 weeks.

For the women who are in their postmanopausal stage, practicing of Tai chi enables them to maintain the bone density. Tai chi helps to improve the quality of life of the women who suffer from breast cancer. Tai chi is found effective in the treatment of cardiac ailments also. By way of practicing Tai chi even high risk heart patients are able to lower their blood pressure and improve the levels of cholesterol, triglycerides, C-reactive protein and insulin.

Tai chi enables the heart patients to walk and also reduces the levels of B – type natriuretic protein which is an indicator of heart failure. By way of lowering the blood pressure tai chi provides relief to those who suffer from hypertension. Tai chi is also found effective in the treatment of various other diseases, including Stroke and Parkinson’s disease.