Psycho physical therapy – for freedom of body and mind

live healthily


In life one has to face physical, social and moral challenges. One must be aware of the close as well as the interrelated nature of his body and mind. The purpose of various physical exercises such as yoga, games and drills is not only the physical development of the practitioners, but also to make people aware of the close connection between the mind and body. The various psycho-physical activities are aimed at the personal development of the individual so that he will be able to develop qualities such as listening to people and expressing his views frankly, working in the company of other people with a spirit of cooperation and behaving with other members of the society in a respectful manner. These activities that help the process of personal and cooperative development of a person is based on the vitality of his body as well as mind and in the long run will help him to live healthily – physically as well as mentally.


Ensuring psycho-physical balance


There are many rehabilitation centers that teach people how to make their daily lives healthy and happy by way of maintaining the equilibrium between the body and the mind. These rehabilitation centers are meant not only for those who have orthopedic or neurological disorders, but for all those who want to learn how to live healthily by understanding more about the body as well as mind and establish a balanced mind. These centers offer individual programs for people of all age groups and provide the opportunity to learn and understand more about the body and mind. One cannot attain a healthy life unless he is able to establish and maintain the equilibrium between his body and mind. The psycho-physical education is to lay the foundation for the lifetime fitness of a person so that he will be able to improve his motor potential.


Psycho physical healing


Psycho physical healing is the process by which the free flow of energy is ensured. When the energy in the body is available freely one attains the state of well being. The psycho physical therapies are aimed at removing the barriers that interrupt the free flow of energy. Hence it is a natural method of curing various ailments. The victims of accidents and those who had the trauma of a major surgery suffer from energy blocks. The psycho physical therapy helps to remove the blocks, restore the vitality and enables the patient to attain a healthy body with a healthy mind. The psycho-physical exercises enable the practitioner to get relieved from the emotional stress that was caused by the traumatic incidents in his life. By way of cleansing the mind and ensuring free availability of energy for the body and mind, the individual can have good health and also he will be able to maintain his healthy body and a healthy mind.


Safe and easy


Psycho physical exercises enable a person to attain the balance of body and mind through a safe as well as painless method. In this process no drugs are administered and no surgery is performed. This is purely a natural method to attain perfect health for body and mind. By way of smooth as well as gentle movements like shimmering, elongating and rocking the practitioners can enjoy great relaxation, lightness of the mind, the softness of the body and the freedom of both body and mind. These methods are also found very effective in the treatment of headache, neck pain, muscle spasms, stress and various sports injuries.