Mental Relaxation Tips – a remedy for nervous imbalance due to stress

mental relaxation

Mental relaxation can provide relief from stress. When a person is relieved of the stress his mind becomes calm and he will be in a relaxed mood. However, by way of relaxation he cannot get rid of the cause of that mental stress. But, the relaxation can clear his thoughts and enable him to deal with the cause in the proper way. Deep breathing and relaxing the muscles are common in all types of relaxation techniques. Those who are new to deep breathing and relaxing of muscles can develop those skills by way of regular practice.

Practitioners of Yoga as well as Tai Chi can easily improve their breathing and muscle relaxation. One must practice deep breathing regularly at a specific time and must choose a quiet location with no disturbances. He must feel 100% comfortable and should wear only loose clothes. One can have relaxation by focusing on his breathing. By breathing in and out slowly as well as rhythmically one will be able to calm down. Relaxed breathing can be practiced for 3 – 5 minutes whenever one feels stressed.

Muscle relaxation

During muscle relaxation the muscles are first stretched and then relaxed. As a result of this the body gets relieved of the tension and the mind is also relaxed. A quite place free of disturbances is essential for practicing muscle relaxation also. One must be comfortable and can either sit or lie down. He may close his eyes and focus on his breathing. He must have slow but deep breathe. After the relaxation he has to lie down quietly for 2 minutes closing his eyes. After that he can get up slowly.

Restoration of the nervous system

Stress is essential for the survival as well as various activities of a person. However, too much of the stress is harmful. Since the present day life is very tense problems due to too much of stress is very common nowadays. When the nervous system is also affected by the stress it must be brought back to a balanced state by way of mental relaxation – a state of mental calmness that replaces the stress. When the nervous system is affected by the stress there will be a chemical imbalance in the body due to flooding of chemicals. The presence of various chemicals makes the person restless and he develops a fighting mood. The relaxation response is the best remedy and it will bring the mind to a state of calmness.

. Variety of techniques

There are various techniques that can restore the balance of the nervous system by way of providing the relaxation response. During the relaxation response process the mind will be active and makes the body feel relaxed, calm and focused. One can learn the relaxation techniques by way of regular practice. One has to practice daily for 10 – 20 minutes. One need not worry about finding the time for practicing these techniques since they can be practiced while travelling in a bus or over the lunch. While selecting the relaxation technique one should consider his specific requirements, physical fitness level and his normal way of reacting to stress. The best relaxation technique must enable him to focus his mind and it will be suitable to his lifestyle also.