Practice Mindfulness and Know How to be with the Present

mindfulness meditation

Mindfulness meditation enables the practitioner to be aware of the things that happen every moment. It makes him to be present with the happenings around him. One can follow different methods for meditation. In this method mindfulness is developed and improved by way of meditation. Mindfulness is practiced in the Buddhist tradition as well as the modern Psychotherapy. By way of developing mindfulness, one can overcome his suffering and recognize natural wisdom.

Those who could develop mindfulness are able to recognize themselves just as what they are. As a result of this kind of realization one will stop to find out ways or methods to get comfort from his worries or pain. They will be able to accept the pain as the outcome of their existence. Instead of trying to get away from our experiences – good or bad – mindfulness enables us to be with them.
There are different techniques to practice mindfulness.

A quality that we already have

Every human being has mindfulness, but he is not aware of the same and he doesn’t know that it can be developed. Mindfulness is the awareness not only of thinking, but all the experiences that we have in this world – seeing, hearing, feeling, tasting, smelling, etc. through our body. Mindfulness meditation is a western form of meditation that is research-based. In Buddhism this type of meditation was introduced 2500 years ago. They called it Vipassana, which means Insight Meditation. Those who want to develop the skill to attend to their inner as well as outer experiences with patience, compassion and acceptance have to practice this form of meditation. In mindfulness there is no place for judgments. Mindfulness teaches us that whatever happens at this moment either inside or outside has a purpose and hence we have to accept the same without any judgment. Those who practice mindfulness and pay more attention to what happens every moment are able to live fully.

Focusing the mind on the present

In the mindfulness method of meditation one has to focus his mind on the present. If one is fully aware of the present thoughts and actions without judging by himself, he is mindful. Besides improving the mood this form of meditation provides relief from stress and strengthen the immunity system. However, practicing mindfulness is not trying to get away from one’s thoughts. Making a person to stop thinking is not the purpose of practicing mindfulness. The purpose of practicing mindfulness is to keep the person with himself as he already is and stop trying to change himself.

Practicing mindfulness

Those who are new to the mindfulness method of meditation may start practicing for 10 – 15 minutes initially. The duration can be increased gradually up to 30 minutes. In course of time one can sit even up to one hour and those who are able to meditate while walking during the break can sit longer. One should choose a quiet place that is comfortable for meditation. One can sit either on a chair or on the floor holding his head, neck and back straight. However, he should not be stiff. He should be completely free from all thoughts of the past and the future and must be in the present only. He must be aware of his breathing and must keenly observe each and every thought that comes and goes. At the end he may sit for a couple of minutes, become aware of where he is and get up slowly.