Practice Yoga and Reap the Benefits

yoga benefits

Yoga is a type of intense physical exercise. The yoga benefits are physical, physiological, psychological and biochemical. The yoga practitioner concentrates his attention on his body while performing the exercises. As a result of focusing his mind on the functioning of his body, his mind becomes calm as well as relaxed. Another great aspect of yoga is that while performing the yoga exercise one gets the opportunity to practice meditation techniques also like watching his breath and keeping his mind free of thoughts.

The practitioner is immensely benefited from all these practices. By way of concentrating on the breath the yoga practitioner easily learns deep breathing, which is highly beneficial to the entire body. Deep breathing facilitates cleansing of the nasal passage and also relaxes the nervous system. The yoga practitioner balances the weight of his body on one leg or on both his arms. These exercises make the body stronger. Moreover, the body becomes more flexible as a result of the various types of body movements as well as stretching. When the flexibility is decreased due to age, it can be maintained by practicing yoga. In this way aged people can get relief from pain and immobility by practicing yoga.

Relief from Pain and Stress Reduction

The regular practice of yoga effectively prevents back pain. Those who have to sit continuously for hours or those who drive a car for hours together are more prone to back pain. By practicing yoga they can keep their body flexible, thereby ensuring relief from the back pain. Yoga helps reduction of stress. When one practices yoga daily his mind concentrates on the body and as a result his mind is freed from the various troubling thoughts. He starts to feel less stressed after the yoga practice every day and automatically he stops brooding over the past and worrying about the future. Stress reduction is a vital part in the treatment of infertility. Practicing of yoga enables one to feel more comfortable in their body. The yoga practitioner becomes more aware of his body.

Biochemical effects

Those who practice yoga is convinced of the numerous yoga benefits. Besides the various health benefits – mental as well as physical – yoga provides a host of biochemical benefits also. The regular practice of yoga leads to decrease of cholesterol, glucose and triglycerides. It helps to increase thyroxin, hemoglobin, vitamin C, serum protein and lymphocyte. The number of white blood cells is decreased and Hematocrit is increased as a result of yoga practicing.

Psychological benefits

Improvement of concentration, memory power and attention are the most important psychological benefits of yoga. Those who practice yoga experience the feeling of well-being and the feeling increases gradually. Their learning efficiency as well as social skills also improves considerably. They become free of depression and anxiety. They improve their mood as well as concentration.

More energy, better intuition

It is quite natural that one feels exhausted after performing various duties of the day. However, those who practice yoga regularly can be energized throughout the day in spite of all activities. The intuitive ability of a person also improves as a result of yoga practicing. Consequently, he will be able to identify quickly the right action that can yield the best results.