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Workout of basic movements of yoga for the beginners

The novice practitioners of yoga have to learn how to do the various poses. In the yoga class the beginners are made to repeat a few patterns that they find difficult to do. The new practitioners can follow the yoga workout for beginners. A typical workout consists of short sequences and the students can practice them either separately or together. By way of practicing a basic workout one can learn to perform the various poses perfectly.

The basic movements of yoga are very useful for the beginners who have no previous experience of practicing physical exercises. The basic movements prepare the body for the regular yoga practice. When the body relaxes the muscles also are relaxed except the muscle that performs the movement. This enables the person to concentrate on the movement of the particular muscle. These basic movements can be performed even by aging people and also those who have various ailments.

Basic requirements

Those who want to take up yoga practice must have completed 12 years of age. It is advisable to practice yoga in early morning and one should practice daily for minimum 30 minutes. One should practice yoga with empty stomach and the place where the yoga is practiced must be free of distractions, airy, clean and with sufficient space. A mat or a carpet must be laid on the floor. One should wear loose, comfortable and clean dress for practicing yoga. Vegetarian diet system is ideal for yoga practitioners. The practitioner must have strong faith in yoga and he should practice with total involvement. Women must abstain from performing yoga during menstruation as well as pregnancy.

The shortest workout

The 15 minutes yoga workout for beginners enables the new practitioners to perform them in their homes or outside and make the body stronger as well as more flexible. They will be able to concentrate and ultimately relax their minds.

One should warm-up prior to the workout. He may sit cross-legged on the floor, upright and keep the hands in the lap. After closing the eyes, he should breathe deeply as well as evenly through his nose for 2 – 3 minutes. He may bend his torso from side to side and exhale to each side.

Once the practitioner starts with his workout he should make the movements systematically one by one. He must be able to hold each position for a minimum duration of 90 seconds.

The movements in their order

As the next step he may pose like a cow on the exhale. For inhaling, he may switch over to the cat pose. For 15 breaths these two poses may be repeated alternatively. Subsequently, he may lower his knees to the floor, bring him back up and repeat this pose for five times. The next phase will be a classic lunge. The right foot must be between the hands with the right knee over the right foot. The left foot must be behind his body and both feet should point forward. The fingertips must be on the floor. As the next step a lunge may be done on the left side. Then he can have the locust pose by lying face down. Finally, he should turn over, lay flat on his back, close his eyes and take a deep breath for 2 minutes.

The beginners will have immense benefits by practicing these basic movements.